Welcome to Sassy Doe's

Sassy Doe's Deer Processing is located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country in Spicewood TX!
We are a new and upcoming processing shop and aim to please! We have been in business since 2016. Sassy Doe's is a family owned and operated establishment. We pride ourselves in providing great customer service and quality care to your game from the moment it arrives to when you pick your order up. Each customer is processed separately, meaning, you get your own deer / hog! We accept cash only.      Thank you for visiting and see ya soon:)




I have been processing wild game with my Dad and family ever since I was a kid. I have been blessed to have been able to work with and learn from some of the very best in butcher shops growing up. I have a passion for butchering ;)
I started my own processing shop in 2016. I have a family of my own, and the kids have just as much fun cutting with me, as I did with mine. :)




Sassy Doe's offers specialty game processing services. We can process your deer or hog into a variety of foods such as:

bacon burger,

jalapeño cheese  burger,

smoked sausage,

pan sausage,

summer sausage,

buck sticks and





Basic Processing: $95 & up   

  Deer over 100 lb. : $1.10  lb.

Skinning fee : $15       Caping fee: $25         

Includes- cutting, grind,                        

vacuum pack, freezing.


Qtr. Deer: $20 a qtr.


Elk/Mule deer: $1.50 lb. 


Hogs: $65 skinning- $25   


$30 minimum order


               CASH ONLY

             No Credit cards      




                  ***add beef fat to any order $ 1.99 lb.***

                  ***add brisket to any order $ 3.99 lb.***


Bacon Burger: $2.99 lb.

Jalapeno Cheese Burger: $3.50 lb.

Pan Sausage: $3.99 lb.

**All sausage 25 lb. minimum ****

Smoked Sausage: $ 4.75 lb.

Jalapeno Cheese Smoked Sausage: $ 5.50 lb.

Raw Liks: $ 4.50 lb.

Dry Sausage: $ 5.75 lb.

Summer Sausage: $ 5.50 lb.

Jalapeno Cheese Summer Sausage: $ 5.75 lb.

Buck Sticks: $ 6.75 lb.

Jerky: ( raw weight) $6.00 lb.


Seasoned Deer Chop Steaks-

with bacon wrap: $ 4.50 lb.

with jalapeno & cheese bacon wrap: $5.25lb.



**Cost of basic processing fee and skinning fee due at time of drop off.**


  ****PAYMENT IN     CASH ONLY****


Prices subject to change without notice.


All Deer must have tag!!!

All deer / hogs must be properly field dressed


Prices subject to change.